Heavy Rotation

  • The Clientele -

    The Clientele: God Save the Clientele
    I love this record with its rich pop melodies and guitar feedback. Might be a little mellow for the kids today, but give it a listen on Sunday morning while having your coffee and reading the paper.

  • The National -

    The National: Boxer
    These indie darlings are well worth a listen to.

  • Ted Leo and the Pharmacists -

    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists: Living With the Living
    Hmmm...only way to describe it is Black Flag meets UB40.

  • Ryan Adams -

    Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger
    The alt-country king returns with something fantastic. This is one of my favorite records of 2007.

  • Bob Dylan -

    Bob Dylan: Blood On the Tracks
    I was cleaning out my CDs and forgot that I had this. I could listen to "Tangled Up in Blue" all day. I think this might be my favorite Dylan album.

  • Tegan and Sara -

    Tegan and Sara: The Con
    Go get this record. Do not delay. Sleater Kinney I'm over you.

  • Josh Rouse -

    Josh Rouse: Subtitulo
    Humor me. Just go get it. Give a listen to "Given' It Up" and you will thank me.

  • The Sea and Cake -

    The Sea and Cake: Everybody
    These guys are awesome. I can't decide who is dreamier Sam Prekop or Archer Prewitt. If you are looking for something to listen to this summer, this is it.

  • Stephen Malkmus -

    Stephen Malkmus: Pig Lib
    How can you not love the smart ass lead singer from Pavement? "Vanessa From Queens" is my favorite tune on this whole album. This album is filled with hypnotic melodies and sarcastic lyrics. Fans of Pavement will not be disappointed.

  • Dinosaur Jr. -

    Dinosaur Jr.: Beyond
    J Mascis is back. If you are a fan of Green Mind you will love this record.

  • Marvin Gaye -

    Marvin Gaye: What's Going on
    I love this record from start to finish. With lyrics about drug abuse, poverty, and the Vietnam War, this album was an immediate sensation and has endured as a classic of early-1970s soul. Get the remastered version released in 2002.

  • Urge Overkill - Urge Overkill

    Urge Overkill
    Urge Overkill: Saturation

    An awesome Chicago Band from the early 90's. I used to go see these guys all of the time at Metro, Empty Bottle, and Double Door. These guys played all over the city for a year straight. Check out "Sister Havana" and "Back on Me".

  • The Shins -

    The Shins: Wincing the Night Away
    GO GET THIS NOW...The Shins will change your life!

  • Josh Rouse -

    Josh Rouse: Nashville
    Just simple dreamy lyrics- I love sensitive boy rock!!!! I put his songs on mix tapes for girls I am trying to woo.

  • Cat Power -

    Cat Power: The Greatest
    Some people think Chan Marshall is a mess- I find her dreamy. Go get this record listen to it, then listen to Dusty Springfield, and then finish the evening off with a good belt of whiskey. Call me in the morning and we'll talk.

  • The Hold Steady -

    The Hold Steady: Boys & Girls of America
    Paste rated this album #2 in their best of 2006. I gave them a listen off of that review and let me tell you they rock. What I dig most about them is the fact they sound like a drunken Springsteen. This album is loaded with a ton of heavy guitar riffs and lyrics you can't understand. RUN DON'T WALK to your nearest record store and pick this bad oscar up.

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June 07, 2007



Are you serious? First of all, it seems to make a lot of sense to have someone who received a pardon to explain the situation with Libby.

Furthermore, Liddy should indeed just take his sentence, that is with the caveat that he committed some crime - which he didn't. You can't obstruct justice when there was no crime taking place. Fitzgerald already knew that Armitage was the leaker. He was reckless in his pursuit of Libby and this witch trial should be over. A presidential pardon is needed.

Miz B

"Witch Trial"? That's rich.

The issue here isn’t the crime of leaking Valerie Plame’s name to reporter Robert Novak. The issue in the Libby case is the cover up of that crime. Libby lied to investigators, the FBI, and ultimately a grand jury. He obstructed justice – lying to investigators in his capacity as an attorney; made false statements – lying to the FBI about receiving the information that Robert Wilson’s wife was a CIA operative from Tim Russert, which, in actuality, Dick Cheney had told him and which he claimed he “forgot”; and finally perjured himself by lying to a grand jury. How do his supporters plead their case for a pardon? Claiming that a “faulty memory” ought not justify a term in prison for a “public servant” on the order of Scooter Libby. I say bullshit. I’m inclined to believe he committed all of the crimes for which he received a fair trial and so, apparently, was the jury of his peers who sat in the courtroom lo those many months and who, after ten days of deliberation, found him guilty of four of the five counts for which he was charged.

Ted also says "Furthermore, Liddy should indeed just take his sentence, that is with the caveat that he committed some crime - which he didn't." This sentence makes no sense. So, he should pay the fines and do the time as long as he DOES say he committed a crime, which he didn't? Huh? And, yes, there was a crime committed - one of questionable patriotism, I might add. The name of a CIA operative was deliberately leaked to the public endangering her life, the life of her husband, the work she was doing on behalf of the United States government and thereby THREATENING NATIONAL SECURITY. That's a federal offense. Libby is actually lucky that Novak broke the story rather than Judith Miller. If not, he might not be doing a mere 30 months in some swank salad-bar prison.


Sorry Ted, I'm inclined to side with Miz B on this issue. Libby did commit a crime and should do his "hard" time and be happy with the reward the "Evil Empire" gives him when he gets sprung.

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